Firing Squad

October 25, 2010 | By Patrick | Filed in: CMS.

As you may know, Clare completed her confirmation studies earlier this year. During the weekly 2-hour class – unknown to me at the time – each student would accumulate “firing squads” (like demerits) for improper behavior. Things like talking in class, not finishing your homework, goofing off, etc., would earn you a “firing squad.” Because your disruption interrupted the class or detracted from class time, it would be your classmates administering the accumulated punishment to each other.

We discovered that firing squads were a 2-part adventure consisting of spoonfuls of goop fired at close range followed by a barrage of water balloons. Looking for something positive (admittedly, a stretch) you might even look forward to the water balloons as a sort of goop rinse.

Proving that Confirmation stays with you forever, I made sure to capture it on video. Enjoy.

[youtube d1DxL8UgtdY]

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