A rare but wonderful win

October 13, 2010 | By Patrick | Filed in: HKS, Volleyball.

In what will probably prove to be their final win of the season, the Marshall volleyball team took care of the New Glarus Glarner Knights (it’s a Swiss thing) in four sets on Tuesday. (The nomenclature changed a year or two ago to rename games as “sets.” As with most things, this filtered down from the college level. Odd, but you get used to it.)

Rather than summarize it myself, I’ll link to the Courier article that talks about the win.

My only commentary is the LOW number of assists that Hannah had. An assist is attributed when you assist a kill or point for your team. Set to a hitter that puts the ball down and you get an assist. In four games – sorry, four sets – 13 is ridiculously low. This tells me that New Glarus couldn’t handle the ball very well and many of our points were due to the other team’s self-destruction. Believe me, I am all-too-familiar with this type of play.

The playoffs begin next week Tuesday in which all teams participate and are seeded appropriately. We’ll probably be a 7 seed playing a 2 seed. Long odds, but weirder things have happened. Go Cardinals!

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