One of those rare days

April 1, 2010 | By Patrick | Filed in: Geek, PAS.

I use iGoogle as my home page in my browser. Love it. One of the features of this arrangement is the ability to add widgets to the page and plug in RSS feeds from blogs (like this one ;-)).

As you might imagine, one of the built-in widgets shows the weather. This one allows you to the weather in multiple cities – I watch Sun Prairie (so I don’t have to look outside) and Fort Myers, FL (where my parents are). Almost without fail, it’s waaaay nicer in southern Florida than it is here. Who knew? I say *almost* because today was one of those rare days where I happened to view the page when sunny Sun Prairie was warmer than Fort Myers. Woot!


Small victory, but I’ll take it. However, the forecast for the next few days looks a little more promising in sunny FLA than it does in the Sunny Prairie.

(Just noticed it was April Fool’s day. This better not be some sort of joke…)

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