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Summer continues

July 17, 2009 | By Patrick | No Comments | Filed in: Bicycle, CMS, Golf, Gymnastics, HKS, MMS, PAS, Volleyball.

We’re sort of in a lull (just for today), so I thought I’d give a quick summertime update. Chronologically speaking… Hannah had a great time at volleyball camp at UW-Whitewater two weeks ago. Even though she was a little under the weather on the final day, she got much needed work as a setter. A • Read More »

Gymnastics, too

November 18, 2008 | By Patrick | No Comments | Filed in: CMS, Gymnastics.

With all the volleyball action, we must not forget about the competitive gymnastics season in which Clare is participating this fall. This is her first year in level 6 (last compulsory level), and, bluntly, it’s been a struggle. The new skills have been tough to master and put together in a meet in front of • Read More »

Weekend update

December 4, 2007 | By Patrick | No Comments | Filed in: Basketball, CMS, Gymnastics, HKS.

(Hey, this would be a good segment title for Saturday Night Live…) Saturday: As expected, we didn’t make it to the Kraft movie deal on Saturday morning. No big loss. Mid-morning, Hannah and I went to her basketball tournament in Rio. The Marshall Youth Club 8th grade girls team is much improved over last year, • Read More »

Home meet

November 3, 2007 | By Patrick | No Comments | Filed in: CMS, Gymnastics.

Last weekend Madtown Twisters hosted their annual Halloween meet at the gym on the west side of town. The older Level 5’s and all of the Level 6’s got the last session of the weekend on Sunday night. All in all, it was a great session for Madtown. There were a number of firsts on • Read More »

Meet me in the barn

October 13, 2007 | By Patrick | 1 Comment | Filed in: CMS, Gymnastics.

Have you ever been to Plover, WI? Not much to do in Plover. Except hold a gymnastics meet! Yes, we went to Carousel Gymnastics in Plover on Saturday so Clare could compete in a smaller meet. Only three gyms were at the meet, and our Madtown girls far outnumbered the rest. Our session was Levels • Read More »