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July 17, 2009 | By Patrick | Filed in: Bicycle, CMS, Golf, Gymnastics, HKS, MMS, PAS, Volleyball.

We’re sort of in a lull (just for today), so I thought I’d give a quick summertime update. Chronologically speaking…

Hannah had a great time at volleyball camp at UW-Whitewater two weeks ago. Even though she was a little under the weather on the final day, she got much needed work as a setter. A life-long hitter (OK, 3 years), it looks like she’ll be setting for Marshall High School this fall. Fortunately, a couple of other girls from her school attended the same camp the following week. If the team expects to improve, more girls have to play more often. Camps and specialty training sessions are just what we need. School ball alone isn’t going to cut it anymore.

image Clare had an equally fun time at gymnastics camp at UW-Whitewater the day after Hannah returned. It was her first time at this camp and it got a big thumbs up. Breakfast, morning practice, lunch, afternoon practice, swimming, dinner, evening activity, crash, repeat. Several girls from her gym were there and she was able to work on some skills with difference coaches – sometimes you just need a different perspective. She’ll be switching to AAU competitions this fall/spring at the Intermediate Optional level. Making up her own routines and picking out her music has rejuvenated her spirit tremendously. This is a welcome sight for those of us paying the bills.

image If you haven’t heard, Monica will be going back to school to obtain more certifications beyond her Masters degree. After another 2 years at Viterbo she will have her Curriculum and Instruction and Principal certifications. Any district would be privileged to have her in their employ. Next week she heads to LaCrosse for a full week of class – living in the dorms, eating delicious dining hall food.

Me? I’m back to work after taking two full weeks off for our Colorado trip. Still trying to get back on the bike once a week, playing golf in my regular league and subbing in another league, but no sand volleyball this summer. Looking forward to brother Brian’s bachelor Day And Night Of Fun (DANOF) Saturday and his wedding next weekend.

Stay tuned – pictures, tweets, Facebook updates, and blog posts to follow.

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