Colorado, By the numbers

July 5, 2009 | By Patrick | Filed in: Vacation.

Looking for a way to sum up the trip, I thought I’d pull together some numbers. Here they are:

3466: Total miles driven.
About 3300: Miles driven by me.
151: Gallons of gas purchased.
74: Total hours in the car.
63: Hours in the car moving. Really? Eleven hours of not moving?
54.8: Average speed.
34: State license plates seen. Plus Mexico. Who doesn’t play this game?
22: Average MPG.

15: Maximum number of guests at the cabin.
8 or fewer: Optimal number of guests at the cabin for proper septic system functionality.
1: Place at the cabin (on the porch) where the girls were able to get a cell signal. It was a popular spot at times.

40-50: Number of elk sightings. There were several large herds seen regularly.
About a dozen: Number of mule dear sightings.
2: Number of bear sightings. One about 300 yards from the cabin, another on the way to the west Spanish peak.
2: Number of marmot sightings. Both were on the Pike’s Peak cog wheel train ride.
1: Number of coyote sightings.

48 (estimated): Number of lame jokes told by cog wheel train guide up Pike’s Peak. And no, they didn’t get funnier as we rose in altitude as she promised.
1: National parks visited (Great Sand Dunes).
140: Maximum temperature of the sand. Sandals are not recommended and now I know why. It really wasn’t too bad unless you were ascending or descending a dune. Then I was in a little pain. With no relief in sight.

33: Quotes in the quote notebook. At least 30 of them are from Hannah.
429: Pictures taken by me (well short of my 1000 picture goal). Those worth sharing are in a Flickr collection here:

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