Journey to Bethlehem 2012

December 20, 2012 | By Patrick | Filed in: Christmas, MMS, PAS.

A couple of weeks ago our church put on a production of Journey to Bethlehem. It gives “travelers” a little background about why they’re there, then guides them through the streets of Bethlehem in the days leading up to Jesus’ birth. It was a monumental effort with over 150 volunteers involved. Monica was part of the live animal patrol and I played the final shepherd for one of the days. It’s hard to believe there was absolutely nothing a few months ago and an entire city with animals and props and costumed actors popped up seemingly overnight. It was a monumental effort that was a rousing success in our first year.

Enjoy the compilation video.

It was definitely a hit! About 1200 people came through over the 2 days of continuous performances. Right now it’s planned to be an every other year affair with plans to make it bigger and better each year.

I didn’t make the cut in the version of the video shown in church last week. Unfortunately, I’m in this one at the very end.

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