Calling it a career

December 11, 2011 | By Patrick | Filed in: HKS, Volleyball.

2011-10-18 003Congratulations to Hannah for wrapping up her high school volleyball career this fall. The 2011 team finished 4th in the conference – the best in her 4 years at Marshall. As with most years, there were a couple of matches that could have gone in the “W” column, but maybe they overachieved and took a few that should have been losses. Either way, it was great fun to watch her and the team grow, improve, and come together as a group of outstanding young women. Thanks to Coach Young for helping everyone stay sane during all this “togetherness.”

As far as individual honors, she was fortunate to be voted honorable mention all-conference as a Junior last year, and earned a spot on the 2nd team all-conference team this year – way better than her old man ever did!

There were traditions that we knew about (cow tags, team dinners, big sis/little sis, “do work” chants, etc.), and probably a few others about which the parents knew nothing. Let’s keep it that way.

Good luck to the team in the future. Keep playing, keep improving. Hit it hard – it might just go in.
We’ll definitely be back to watch a few matches. Go Cardinals!

2011-09-13 035

Not to worry, club practices started this past week so there still will be a little more volleyball in our future.

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