Another driver on the road

November 19, 2011 | By Patrick | Filed in: CMS.

2011-11-15 15.47.40It’s hard to avoid the clichéd “stay off the roads!” and “clear the way!” for any new teenage driver, so why try?

Congratulations to Clare for earning(?) the right to drive on Wisconsin roads with a responsible adult.

It would figure that our first trip to the DMV to get her temps (sorry, PERMIT) ended when I realized I didn’t have her social security number for the form. Of course at that time, there were maybe 3 people waiting and we whisked from one station to the next. Sign here, get your picture taken right away, up to the counter, and…sorry. Come back next time with complete documentation.

Armed with enough paperwork to choke a horse, the next time we went and there were about 100 people waiting. Lines for every station along the way. I didn’t realize that when they say they close at 4:30, that means they lock the doors at 4:30. Everyone who made it into the building prior to that time gets processed before any employee goes home. Hard for me to say, but good for you DMV.

She, of course, hates her picture, but we learned she will be able to get a fresh picture when she passes her driver’s test and gets a real license. Thank goodness.

We’ve been out a few times when the weather has cooperated, and she’s catching on quick.

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