Summer’s Over

August 18, 2009 | By Patrick | Filed in: CMS, Gymnastics, HKS, Volleyball.

According to the girl’s’ schedules, I think we can declare summer over.

image At high schools all across the state of Wisconsin this week, girls are are digging through their long-forgotten volleyball bags looking for their shoes, kneepads, tape, etc. Volleyball practice (two-a-day!) began in Marshall Monday with a morning conditioning practice followed by an afternoon try-out session. Hannah was pretty wiped by the end of day 1, but she’ll be back at it Tuesday bright and early. This year brings a new coach, a new attitude, and a completely different team. We’ll wait and see where she ends up. Their first scrimmage is this Saturday morning at home.


image Gearing up for meet season this fall/spring, Clare will be competing as an Intermediate Optional in AAU. The departure from USAG compulsory competition has been a blessing to us all. Over the summer she has made up her own routines on beam, floor, and bars and has renewed energy in practice. From a spectator standpoint, I’ll be glad to listen to something other than the same floor music over and over and over again. Her first meet (intrasquad) is this Friday morning.

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