JV volleyball action

September 11, 2008 | By Patrick | Filed in: HKS, Volleyball.

Now that the HD video is flowing, I get to sit through lots of volleyball action multiple times: once in real time as a fan in the stands, and once back on the computer during editing.

Sitting through the clips the second time is where the fun is…NOT!

You know those videos where the serve goes into the net? Got those. And the ones where a fan walks right in front of camera? Got those, too. And the ones where it’s a long rally and your kid rarely touches the ball? Yup, got those, too.

Here’s one that’s OK:

(Posted to Vimeo, but the embed doesn’t allow for HD; you have to go to their site to see it in HD. But holy cow – A whopping 22 seconds of HD video at 1920×1080, 157MB, 45 minutes to upload. Wow.)

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