Time off

January 3, 2016 | By Patrick | Filed in: PAS.

Hey, look at me! Another post! OK, I will stop with that from now on.

Two full weeks off. I’ve had it scheduled for months and have been looking forward to it for at least that long. Almost a full week before Christmas day and another week after. A chance to decompress, catch up on little things, and spend time with the family.

As you probably know, getting out of “work” mode takes at least a few days. Beyond that, the workouts come more regularly and they’re a bit longer. The TV stays on longer and DVR queue gets down to a manageable level. Podcasts get listened to without interruption. This might be the first break in a while where I didn’t get completely caught up with my podcasts. There are still a few that will probably go unheard for now (probably forever, let’s be real). I think this means my subscription list is too deep.

Like everyone else in the state of Wisconsin, I’m ending the final weekend watching the Packers take on the Vikings in the final game of the regular season. #GoPackGo!

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