Homecoming 2011 (Part I)

October 21, 2011 | By Patrick | Filed in: HKS.

Keeping up with my “I –better-post-something-before-I-forget-the-details” streak, I thought it was time for a Homecoming recap. Since it was a 2-day extravaganza, I’ll be bold and create 2 posts.

Let’s start with the football game Friday night. Hannah and another girl (we’ll call her Jamie…because that’s her name) won the drum major battle last spring. For that honor they get to conduct the field show and march out front in parades. They both attended camp this summer to hone their skills as potential drum majors (yes, there’s a camp for that) and Homecoming was the first time for Hannah to show her skills.

2011-09-30 001 2011-09-30 009 2011-09-30 010

The finale is the best part (such that it is). Here’s a 30-second clip:

[youtube SMhyE44JAow]

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