Catch-up time

June 27, 2011 | By Patrick | Filed in: CMS, HKS, MMS, PAS, Vacation.

As usual, I’m behind on updating the blog. Please allow me to quickly catch-up:

  • Let’s see, there was prom (Hannah went with Juan, Clare didn’t go),
  • School ended (Hannah finishing her Junior year, Clare has her Freshman year behind her),
  • Summer started (Hannah will be working for the city again, Clare has already been on a mission trip and will be taking driver’s ed. in July),
  • We’ll be taking a family trek to South Dakota to see the sights at the end of June, and,
  • Monica will be taking a big career step in becoming the principal of Park Elementary School in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District on July 1. Woot!

That’s about it. More to come from South Dakota soon. (Although stupid me forgot the power cord to my laptop so I have little juice with which to work.)

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