Smoldering grass

April 10, 2009 | By Patrick | Filed in: CMS, HKS.

Today marked the beginning of our spring clean-up around the outside of the house. I took the afternoon off and decided to finish the lawn prep with the help of my two lovely assistants.

It began last night when I broke out the pull-behind thatcher thingy that I purchased last year but never used. It worked exactly as I had hoped and loosened up a whole bunch of dead grass. I had a fleeting thought of having the girls help me rake it all up until I realized how sore we (mostly me) would be upon completion. So, off to Home Depot to pick up a grass and leaf catcher. Brought it home and the girls helped me assemble it in about an hour. Again, it worked precisely as advertised so I let Hannah do most of the grass catching while Clare and I unloaded and burned it.2009-04-10 0052009-04-10 028

What else does one do with a large pile of soft(?) grass?

 2009-04-10 021 2009-04-10 022 2009-04-10 023 2009-04-10 024 2009-04-10 025 2009-04-10 026 2009-04-10 027

It took longer to burn it all (in a controlled manner) than it did to gather it up. We only had one minor emergency when a bit of grass on the ground caught a flame from the fire. I’m sure that part of lawn will bounce right back.

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